Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reflection on Michael Kimmel- What Are Little Boys Made Of?

I thought this was a very insightful piece that made me consider feminism in a new light.  In studying feminism, I have found that rarely do we stop and think about the the effect that the feminist movement has on men, and how they might feel.  This article reminded me of an article that I read in 11th grade, and you can find the link here.  Guys have been wrapped up in the feminist movement since it began, as part of the movement involves men taking more "feminine" roles, such as child care and nursing.  I think that having such a lengthy and powerful movement which is affected by so much passion is definitely having an effect on how boys are brought up and how men go about life. 
In class I would like to bring up the idea of raising children to be more or less feminine, as Renkl tried.  Also, I would love to know more about how the feminist movement is affecting the mindset of men, especially because we are now fighting for equal rights in a few of the last places that men are still on top, so to speak.  What are men feeling about women fighting for the last bits of total equality?  How do they feel about taking on more "feminine" roles in society?


  1. I don't see that the feminine movement should have any more negative effects on boys as the standard society roles has had on girls, but that is not the point i know. the feminine movement is not about taking anything from male society it is about equality and that should reflect positive on all of society. We can not continue to say that a man who walks away from his children and don't see them for months on ends is okay but a woman who does this is a scag. we can't continue to say that it's okay for a boy to get mad and hit,kick and swear but a girl who does this is less then a lady. It is these things that has cost this country so much as it is. There are millions of mad boys/men in prisons that our taxes has to support today because of "testotrones surging through their little limbs"
    and they have been taught it is okay to hit, kick and swear. until they hit and kicked everyone who has what they wants.

  2. I agree with you that this article brought a new light onto feminism. Both men and women play a role in it.

  3. I agree with you too. This did open up great views on women and men do play a huge part into negativity. I don't see why violence and negative things are pinned onto one gender when we all know both men and women are capable of doing the same things. Everyone wants equality, so it should be time for people to just agree that both genders are equal and not pick on just boys or just girls.