Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cinderella Ate My Daughter- Orenstein- Connection

Everywhere you look nowadays, moms and society are dollifying daughters.  From the disproportioned "perfect" Barbie dolls, paired with their Kens, to the oversexualized Bratz dolls, having crazy adventures in crop tops and mini skirts, girls grow up with ideas of role models with tiny waistlines, perfect breasts, stick-skinny legs, and perfect long hair.  Disney princesses are another example, as discussed in the excerpt, which are talked about as being alone and often times scared or hurt until a man with muscles and a perfect jawbone and sleek hair takes the princess into his arms and gives her that one kiss, the kiss every girl dreams about.  The kiss that breaks the princess of the curse, and signs eternal love for the pair.  As the child gets older, it turns into money, money, and more money.  From trips to Disney, including the authentic $100 princess costume, the park fee, the nearly impossible to get in to princess castle dinner, all the way to the Disney bedspread with the princess tv and the princess dolls and the stuffed animals and the themed outfits, it never ends.  Even getting into teenage and adult, Disney princesses are marketed on sweatshirts, t-shirts, pajamas, and even slutty versions of the costumes.  And surrounding all of this marketing is the need for girls to have simply three things: money, beauty, and a guy. 

What this all amounts to, is ultimataely the oversexuality of little girls, in an effort to obtain those three things.  Shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras (video #1) or Dance Moms (video #2) display the mothers blatant drive to sexualize and beautify their daughters for money, beauty, and eventually, to attract a guy.

Both of these videos show the blatant sexualization of little girls, in an attempt to make them "princess-like".  Though outrageous, things like this are happening.  In my opinion, as in Orenstein's, girls need less provocative influences.  How about a Barbie construction worker?  Or a Barbie with a 34 A bra size?  Or how about even a Barbie and Kendra?  Is there anything so outrageous about that?


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